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Music Preparation

Using the leading Sibelius notation software, Continuo Music Services  will typeset your music in a high quality format, suitable for publishing or for use by performers. As well as simply copying the music you provide, we can supply any of the following:

Full score, orchestral/band parts, vocal score, piano reductions

Full score from short score

Transposition of a whole piece

Extraction of specific instrumental parts (with transposing instruments at the correct pitch)

Preparation Examples

Samples of our preparation work and comments from our customers are available here.


We can work with you to arrange a piece for specific instruments and standards of player, for example, orchestral music for strings only, simplified arrangements for junior ensembles, descants and instrumental parts for choral music.


Arrangement Examples

Samples of our arrangement work and comments from our customers are available here.


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Technical details

Click on the link above to find out the many ways in which you can send us your music and the many formats in which we can provide you with what you need.

Supporting Schools and Music Centres

Follow the link above for information about how we can help your school or young people's music-making.

Assisting church musicians

Follow this link for information about support for musicians involved in church music of any type.



We offer competitive and negotiable prices. There is no minimum charge, and the initial discussion with you is completely free, whether over the phone, by e-mail or at your home or place of work.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the services offered, please go to the Comments and Queries page. If you would like a brochure or wish someone to contact you, please use the Information Request Form.


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