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What we will need from you

You can provide music for us to work on in any of these formats:

Hand-written manuscript
Printed score
MIDI or other audio file
Graphics file
Sibelius or other notation file (e.g. Finale, Score, Allegro)

If the music is to be arranged or simplified, we will also need details of the instruments or voices required and an idea of the performers' capabilities.

What we will produce for you

We can provide your music either on paper or on computer file. 

For paper copy we will use good quality paper (90 gsm, or other weights on request). You may also choose from these options:

Portrait or Landscape format
A4, A3 or Hymnbook size
Single-sided, double-sided or book format

Computer files can be supplied in these formats:

Sibelius file for those with appropriate software
Audio wave file
Graphics file (TIFF, EPS or BMP formats)

Notation size is normally set to optimise the number of staves on a page but can easily be enlarged or reduced at your request. We also adjust the layout to make page turns as convenient as possible.

Of course, we aim to provide you with error-free copy, and to ensure that result, the music is proof-read and any corrections made before it is sent to you. On the rare occasions when a mistake slips through, or there is something you would like changed, we will make amendments as quickly as possible.

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Last modified: 09 June 2006